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Agile Basics - Intermediate (1 Day Workshop)

Learn the basics (intermediate) of Agile Methodology through interactive, high-valued, fun-filled games!

Agile Basics - Intermediate (1 Day Workshop)

Are you keen to learn AGILE METHODOLOGY through interactive and fun-filled games? Skillspine offers a one-day workshop for significantly early adopters to AGILE. By building some cool stuff using LEGO blocks, you will get a valuable and lasting practical understanding of this extraordinary methodology. Come along with a great attitude and open mind to experience this great skill in a playful mood!

Why Agile? Your skills become outdated and less valuable as the technologies around the world are evolving day-by-day, expecting a completely different way of doing work. In today’s world, more than ever, the importance of acquiring skills needed is crucial. One of such skills in this ever-changing world is the effective use and understanding of the AGILE methodology, to have effective project management strategies. AGILE way of doing things is spreading across different sectors from IT, Services, Construction and can be used even for planning our daily routine!

Why us?  We focus on helping organisations and corporate professionals across the globe to adapt to the future of work skills. Skillspine Limited is passionate about teaching this future of work skills through game-based learning. Our Founder/CEO, Latha Karthigaa, PhD did an extensive research on Agile methodology and game based learning in several stages of her research, and proposed the concept of teaching Agile through games. She believes in “Learning by Playing”, as it renders quick & active learning, longer retention, and so on. We have conducted this workshop for over 23 corporate professionals, and their testimonials can be found here.

Who is it for? This workshop is for anyone who would like to have a detailed understanding of AGILE methodology as well as people with experience in AGILE who wants to try an active learning approach to it. Software Engineers, Quality Assurance managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, Business Analysts, Head of organisations, Subject Matter Experts, Scrum of Scrum Masters are all welcome to attend.

What do you get out of it? This one-day workshop offers several learning outcomes, including:

  • A quick overview of learning outcomes discussed in Agile basics – Beginner (3 hours workshop)
  • Understanding several different methodologies under the umbrella term, “agile”
  • Understanding and analysing the sizing/estimating concepts in agile
  • Creating the prioritised product backlog, sprint backlog, user stories, and its relevant acceptance criteria
  • Introduction to several online tools to help ease the agile transformation
  • Understanding and analysing the sprint review process in agile
  • Understanding and analysing the sprint retrospective process in agile

This is a 100% hands-on, fun-filled, high-valued learning opportunity to understand the agile methodology.

Price: $425pp + GST (Maximum of 20 people can participate in one session)

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required, but Agile basics – Beginner (3 hours workshop) is helpful.

Total time commitment: 1 Day

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